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I. Job Title: Software Engineer & Database Engineer

The number of recruits: 2-4 people

Job Responsibilities:

  1. windows program development environment,

  2. develop applications, console applications, service procedures.

job requirements:

  1. computers, communications, automation and other related professionals;

  2. familiar with C, C ++, C # and other common programming language and associated development tools;

  3. Familiar with software development process, development model, and software testing;

  4. can according to the needs analysis, software design and coding to achieve;

  5. With 2 years and above experience in software development;

  6. Development of databases with relevant experience;

  7. with relevant experience and are familiar vs preferred.


Second, Position: sales manager

Number: 10

job requirements:

  1. love sales work, good health for a long business trip.

  2. Electronic technology or marketing professional college education.

  3. The broadcasting industry experience is preferred.

  4. Any gender, aged 23 to 45 years old.

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