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AOL CEO Video: TV will coexist with OTT services

Number of visits: Date:Mar 30,2016

  In recent years, there are many predicted that the "war" on how to attract people's eye is about to come, and the battle between OTT services and television will eventually start, the final winner will get all the advertisers budget.

  Such predictions, however, are based on inaccurate assumptions about innovation. Look at your wallet, you will find a variety of forms of money: coins, paper money, credit cards, mobile phones with PayPal services, and even some bitcoin.

  New things completely replace the old things, so that the situation is not much. In fact, history has shown that new things do not replace old things, but the acceleration of change and development. Humans are creatures of habit. We will not abandon the old merely because of new things, even if the former is more useful and more advanced.

  With respect to OTT services and television, history has made clear the future. When the cable for the first time comes, the industry generally believe that this will sound the death knell for the television industry. But the reality is not the case: Cable TV to promote the development of the final, and we now have not care about the difference between cable and television. All we know is tv.

  If it doesn't bring about great changes, what's interesting about the future of OTT services, and that's where OTT services help us to tell stories better.

  Television has been a good story. Some people think that the ability to tell stories, television may be better than the theater. At the same time, the OTT service can do better in technology. In terms of personalization, OTT can bring more interaction, customization and ease of use. As humans, we tend to want to learn more about a story from a number of sources. Good stories in the eyes of humans are not isolated from each other in the brain. A good story is a good story, no matter what the medium is.

  I still remember the first time I went through a cell phone to watch an event. Twitter messages are being released on the television screen. At present, I have been accustomed to through a number of screens and multiple devices to focus on a story, but also take the initiative to participate in the story is concerned.

  By dispersing the story across all screens, the next group of innovators will increase the level of interaction between the viewer and the content to a new level.

  Imagine, when you're watching a TV show, open your tablet and watch the highlights. Later, you open the Snapchat, from the perspective of another role to understand the situation at the time. At the same time, you go through the protagonist's FaceTime to understand the next set of notice. By blurring the boundaries of different platforms, you can let the audience into the story, so that they become active participants, rather than passive recipients.

  This can be called the law of the media dialogue". Nothing will be destroyed, and all innovation will be integrated into the next generation. OTT will not destroy the traditional television, but will coexist with the television, the common development.

  In this process, OTT will shape the development of television, and seamless integration with the tv. There is no doubt that there will be a conflict, but the solution is bound to exist. Our job is driving this change.

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