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SARFT urgent notice to rectify the wording of the Internet TV strict

Number of visits: Date:Mar 30,2016

  Beijing Youth Daily News (reporter daily zuwei) on July 8, Sina authentication IT technology man, "Internet of things" has micro Bo said in a news release, press and Publication Administration of radio, film and television on July 7 to seven licenses sent an urgent notice, asking them to for the Internet TV of existing violations rectification. In this emergency notification in the description of the rhetoric expression -- licenses must be completed before 8 July rectification of the above requirements, such as overdue rectification, cancellation of broadcast rights".

  The clean-up mainly involves the following several irregularities: released in 2015 after the beginning of the models, still available USB port to install application; in the system still exist to access the Internet browser; by the app store or other means push application software, video website client, radio applications polymerization; through the app store or other means, push through mobile phones indirectly controls the video remote control application. Analysts pointed out that if the news is true, the market of all intelligent devices will be affected: bear the brunt of all Internet TV boxes and smart TVs, smartphones because can put them directly to the video and television remote control will also be involved (smart phone can not again to the television put video), and has just started a television game machine industry if the built-in video platform, also must be run not to drop. However, netizens also developed a solution, "after I make a high-definition projectors tablet phone video delivery", "HDMI line or other ways to connect the computer to the TV, return to the cable era", "not really, engage in a high-definition display, as a TV. Anyway, now the TV is not what attraction."

  From the trend, the Internet TV broadcasting for the management of increasingly fine. In 2011, the former State Administration of radio, film and Television Office issued the "requirements" to hold Internet TV operator license management, also known as No. 181, for the Internet TV business, content and operation of the specification, which requires the "legal service platform of Internet TV integrated platform can only choose Internet TV content service the connection mechanism of SARFT approved the establishment, in providing access service before the audit inspection legal institutions to deal with the integration of Internet TV Internet TV content service platform; Internet TV integrated platform can not be set up on the public Internet site are linked to each other, can not be on the public Internet content directly to users of Internet TV; content service platform broadcast content in the examination standard, scale and management requirements. It should be, and television programs should be consistent with television broadcast copyright". Radio and television approved seven broadcasting platform, are exclusively state-owned department of radio, film and television, including, China network television and Taiwan, knowledgeable, Wasu media, Hunan Radio and television, southern media, China Radio International and the Central People's broadcasting station. The Internet to fuse TV, must cooperate with the above seven. No cooperation is illegal, illegal to take. Enhanced by the repeated injunctions, in 2014, the market all the boxes and smart TV began to shutting down the TV live broadcast business, manufacturers started with only seven broadcast control platform for cooperation.

  In this way, the radio and television only seven broadcast control platform, management effectiveness will be able to cover the entire Internet TV industry. Stream media network news, last July, radio and television had pointed out that "Internet TV first to pipe good seven licenses, which should not required by the administration to recover the license does not deal with a good head on, if seven are illegal, on the suspension of Internet TV business." In July 8th this year, the rectification is a further refinement of the above policy. From a management point of view, Internet TV is still a form of radio and television. Broadcast television is still very authoritative position of public opinion, "the basic requirements of controllable and safe broadcast broadcasting system" is still operating, even after the implementation of "Internet plus".

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