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DVB-C digital TV set-top box

product description

SDC-3000C2 adopts 330MHz RISC CPU, provides five-layer display layer overlay processing, supports VBI insertion coding of Teletext / CC / WSS / VPS data, and has built-in OTP, supports cardless CA, and can carry out data broadcasting and other value-added services very smoothly . And its optimized 2D graphics acceleration also guarantees a good experience in advertising business. It also has graphic receiving function, PID manual input function, power-off memory function and EPG program guide display function; supports data broadcasting, VOD, mosaic business reception; and applies the latest software and hardware combination technology to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation. Its complete functions, easy operation, and extraordinary picture quality provide customers with a low power consumption and high integrated cable digital TV overall solution.



Supports 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256-QAM

Maximum symbol rate: 0.87Mbaud ~ 9Mbaud
Double AGC control
Built-in OTP, support cardless CA
Video decoding fully complies with MPEG-1 (ISO / IEC11172-2) and MPEG-2 @ ML (ISO / IEC 13818-2)
High-performance fault tolerance and error correction mechanism
Support 5 layers of flat display structure
Image enhancement: anti-flicker, anti-aliasing, anti-jitter
Built-in audio DAC, support stereo output
Real-time monitoring of signal quality
Ultra low power consumption


technical parameter

Main chip / memory

Chip frequency: 330Mhz
DDR: 16MB * 16 (expandable)
Flash: 4MB (expandable)


Video decoding and output

Fully compliant with MPEG-1 (ISO / IEC11172-2) and MPEG-2 @ ML (ISO / IEC 13818-2)

Support 3DAC and 4DAC scheme, can output CVBS of PAL / NTSC / SECAM at the same time
Support VBI data insertion of WSS / Teletext / CC / VPS

Audio decoding and output

Fully compliant with MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Lay I / II audio decoding

Built-in DAC, support stereo output
Volume adjustable 32 levels


Physical interface

RF input: inch F head (RF female head optional)

RF output: IEC male
Video output: 1 × CVBS
Audio output: 1 × RCA stereo.
DC input: 5V / 1.5A
Serial port: 1 × RS232
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